Car Title Loan Calculator

The Car Title Loan Calculator lets you calculate the interest, fees, and payments for any car title loan. First, you will need the interest rate that the title lender charges. Next, you will also need your loan amount, and any lien fees associated with the loan (if they are to be added to your loan). Finally you will need the length of the loan in months. The Car Title Loan Calculator processes this information and provides you with both a summary of costs with an estimated payment schedule.

Car Title Loan Calculator

The car title loan calculator provides the results instantly, showing you your payment schedule for the loan information you entered. Typically when you get a title loan the lender will record their lien on their title. The fee associated with this is usually added to the principal loan amount. While it is usually a small amount; it does have an affect on the total loan payments and estimate. This is one of the typical additional costs for car title loans.

Title Loan Calculator Input:

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Title Loan Calculator Results:

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Car Title Loan Calculator Benefits

Using the car title loan calculator helps provide insight into what certain title lender costs actually are before you visit them for the loan. All you need to get an accurate title loan estimate is their interest rate. Most title lenders quote their interest rates in monthly terms, so the title loan calculator is set up to input the monthly rate. If you have only the APR, you will need to convert the title loan APR to monthly rate. This is easy to do, simply divide the rate by 12. For example, 120% APR is 10% Monthly Rate (120 / 12).

Us the Car Title Loan Calculator to find a Lender

An obvious use for the title loan calculator is to find a lender that can provide a loan amount that meets your needs with a monthly payment you can afford.

Online Title Loans

The calculator works the same for online title loans as for in person title loans. The process for calculating costs and estimates is the same.